Constance Cumbey

A Planned Deception - The Staging of a New Age "Messiah" (1986)

A Planned Deception - The Staging of a New Age "Messiah" (1986) by Constance Cumbey

Putting some of the pieces together, Constance Cumbey follows up her initial bestseller [Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow] with an explanation of the details and steps that are being taken in order for some of the international groups to establish and stage the appearance of the New Age messiah. Contents: A planned deception; Early New Age centers; Conscious political networking : then and now; Working out 'the plan'; Holography; Disarmament and the new world order; Of rainbows and unicorns; Shirley Maclaine : a New Age case history; Is the 'New Age' a Nazi revival?; The 'protocols of Zion'; Syncretism in the church; Were these Christians misunderstood?; Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; The incredible heresies of Father Matthew Fox; A secret kingdom?; Networking 'the global vision.'

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