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Arthur Bryant

Unfinished Victory (1940)

Unfinished Victory (1940) by Arthur Bryant

If you want to understand why Germans had no love for Jews and why Hitler was an incredible leader, read “Unfinished Victory.” Best first hand account, almost a blow by blow description, of how Jews screwed the Germans, started WWII, and how Hitler through sheer determination put Germans back on their f...

Douglas Reed

Disgrace Abounding (1945)

Disgrace Abounding (1945) by Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed (1895 – 1976) was a British journalist, playwright, novelist and author of a number of books of political analysis. He was The Times correspondent in South-eastern Europe during which he was witness to the prevailing political machinations and social conditions.

His book Insanity Fair (193...

Garet Garrett

The Revolution Was (1944)

The Revolution Was (1944) by Garet Garrett

Explains how Roosevelt's New Deal and The Great Depression was used to enact a "silent revolution" in the USA which went by unnoticed.

"There is no comfort in history for those who put their faith in forms; who think there is safeguard in words inscribed on parchment, preserved in a glass case, reprod...

George Seldes

Iron Blood And Profits: An Exposure Of The World-Wide Munitions Racket (1934)

Iron Blood And Profits: An Exposure Of The World-Wide Munitions Racket (1934) by George Seldes

Chapter One

For giving aid or, comfort to the enemy in time of war the penalty is death. Both civilians and soldiers share this punishment. If an American or a British or a French soldier in No Man’s Land had ever been caught giving a rifle or a gr...

Guiles Davenport

Zaharoff: High Priest of War (1934)

Zaharoff: High Priest of War (1934) by Guiles Davenport


REVERSING the conventions, Sir Basil Zaharoff is already a legend. Ordinarily mortals must die to achieve the aureole and usually they are a long time dead before the fact and fancy have merged sufficiently to form a foolproof legend: yet Zaharoff, with all modesty and dignity, a...