Lysander Spooner

Natural Law Contrasted With Legislation (2018)

Natural Law Contrasted With Legislation (2018) by Lysander Spooner

A two-sided foldable pamphlet in 4 parts.

Part I

Natural law, natural justice, being a principle that is naturally applicable and adequate to the rightful settlement of every possible controversy that can arise among men, being, too, the only standard by which any controversy whatever, between man and man, can be rightfully settled; being a principle whose protection every man demands for himself, whether he is willing to accord it to others, or not; being also an immutable principle, one that is always self-evidently necessary in all times and places, being so entirely impartial and equitable towards all; so indispensable to the peace of every human being; being, too, so easily learned, so generally known, and so easily maintained by such voluntary associations as all men can readily and rightfully form for that purpose--being such a principle as this, these questions arise, viz.: Why is it that it does not universally, or well nigh universally, prevail? Why is it that it has not, ages ago, been established throughout the world as the one only law that any man, or all men, could rightfully be compelled to obey? Why is it that any human being ever conceived that anything so self-evidently superfluous, false, absurd, and atrocious as all legislation necessarily must be, could be of any use to mankind, or have any place in human affairs?

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