Coughlin Charles Edward

Money! Questions and Answers (1936)

Money! Questions and Answers (1936) by Coughlin Charles Edward

From the Preface

This book is written for the ordinary American citizen. Therefore many needlessly abstract and intricate questions dealing with political economy, banking, and money are pur-posely omitted.

Unlike many writers on money, the author is in nowise identified with that band of political economists who have proven to be nothing more than mouthpieces for the private coiners of money.

Moreover, the author of this book has kept in mind the vast resources and virgin wealth of the United States of America where want needlessly reigns in the midst of plenty simply because there is a planned scarcity of money required for the transfer of wealth.

The National Union which is propagating the doctrine of social justice presents this book to the American public in order to expand principles number six, number seven and number eight of the sixteen principles of social justice which have been widely publicized. These specific principles are as follows:

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