Arnold Spencer Leese

Arnold Leese Pamphlets Collection (1950)

Arnold Spencer Leese Pamphlets Collection (1950)

  • Rex versus Leese
  • Chinese Communism? Yes, but it was Jewish when it started
  • Devilry in the Holy Land
  • Race and Politics
  • Bolshevism is Jewish
  • The legalised cruelty of shechita : the jewish method of cattle-slaughter
  • The era of world ruin!
  • P.E.P. (Political and Economic Planning)
  • The Destruction of India, its Cause and Prevention
  • Disraeli the destroyer
  • Freemasonry
  • The growing menace of freemasonry
  • Jewish Press-Control
  • Money no mystery
  • Our jewish aristocracy: A Revelation
  • The real jew: A lesson from Turkey
  • Gambetta the jew
  • The illuminati and the french revolution
  • The masonic abdication of king George VI
  • Psychology and Jews

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