Gustavus Myers, 1872-1942

History of the Great American Fortunes (1909)

History of the Great American Fortunes (1909) by Gustavus Myers, 1872-1942

From The Publisher's Note

No one has yet challenged a single fact in Mr. Myers’ work. Every statement is made with the authority of corroborated and proven evidence. At no time did he indulge in tirades against personal traits, dispositions or temperaments. He was not concerned with the good or bad qualities of the individual founders and perpetuators of great fortunes. His only interest was in the means whereby great fortunes were acquired

Where the vogue for the more lurid revelations of gigantic scandals has long since passed, the research and conclusions drawn in History of the Great American Fortunes have withstood every test of time. The book has the same vitality and accuracy it had in the first decade of the twentieth century. Moreover, the additions made to bring this work completely up to date make it a definitive history of the fortunes that have been amassed during and since the World War.

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