Raymond Rudman

England Under the Heel of the Jew (1918)

England Under the Heel of the Jew (1918) by Raymond Rudman


  • The Jews' gospel of greed‐Usury, the means of enslaving others: success the only criterion.
  • Jews the parents of the Stock Exchange
  • The Jew is the international; but the tribe is solid in spite of dispersion.
  • Lines of communication within the tribe give prior information: Jews, instructed by their Rabbis, utilise the Christian Sunday to prepare for their Monday pounce.
  • Jews’ linguistic abilities gain for them access to courts and prepare the way for loans to monarchs and governments.
  • Special position of Jews: Jews as aliens
  • Jews as semi‐citizen's: War‘s are their harvests
  • The wealth of the Jew‐Christian trade-ethics of the Middle Ages forbade Profiteering.
  • In the Talmud the Jew' lives and moves and has his being
  • Jewish religion is identical with Jewish finance: It is a product of intellect without inspiration, and is anti-natural.
  • The divine duty of profiteering and piling up one’s possessions.
  • Profiteering Piety.
  • The position of women among the Jews: a people so “furiously prone to lust" that they had to be controlled by hundreds of ordinances: Jewish men not even trusted with their own wives: sex-lust restrained converted in them to money-lust.
  • A new species of the genus homo was produced: Homines Rationalistici Artificiales.
  • The alienism of the Jew.
  • Jewish usury and elastic commercial ethics
  • Equal rights for Jews: no rights for gentiles: Free Trade and free cheating: Talmudic equivoques.
  • Puritanism practically identical with Judaism.
  • Jewish character: intellectually overbalanced.
  • The Jew has always an end in view; which is his end and not yours.
  • Jewish mobility, moral and intellectual.
  • Capitalism and the Jew: Liberalism is Judaism.
  • Moneyolatry creates drab uniformity.
  • Nothing organic or natural in Capitalism: all is artificial and mechanical
  • Origin of the Jews: a people of the desert
  • The conquest of Canaan.
  • How the Conquerors behaved
  • The Old Testament a literature of wandering shepherds.
  • A desert people still.
  • The Jews never were agriculturists: after the Exile the cream of Hie Jews remained in Babylon.
  • The Modern City is the New Promised Land: it suits the Jew because it is actually desert.
  • From Pastoralism to Capitalism: from counting sheep to counting shekels.
  • The different types of Jews: Jews of the Ghetto and Free Jews: Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Marranos; all equally Jewish
  • The Tribe of Judas seizes Lucre’s sceptre and mounts the Throne of the World.

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