Archibald Roosevelt

Conquest via Immigration (1956)

Conquest via Immigration (1956) by Archibald Roosevelt

From the Foreword

When I went to school, many years ago, we were taught history and geography, and we were taught these subjects with great thoroughness. We were taught by teachers who loved our Republic and believed in discipline. Today they are called Educators. These Educators have abolished History and Geography as distinct subjects and have invented a thing called “Social Sciences.” This course of study has been created by taking a little history, and a little geography, and strengthening it with a strong dose of socialism. In New York, I understand that the “Educators" have now abandoned the discredited title of “Social Sciences,” and watered down history and geography even more by calling the new course “Citizenship Education.”

When I was young, we were taught some wonderful historical stories, some of which were completely factual, and some of which were facts clothed in fiction. These stories made a lasting impression on most of us. We were told, of the fine deeds of our forebears. The authors of our histories taught us that most Americans were pretty good people, and encouraged us to strive to live up to the best deeds of the heroic figures who had led the country through various crises.

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