Kenneth Goff

Confessions of Stalin's Agent (1948)

Confessions of Stalin's Agent (1948) by Kenneth Goff

From the Introduction

I was born and raised in a conservative southern Wisconsin community.

While working on a weekly newspaper in 1935, I received a letter through the FERA informing me that I could attend without cost, a "Worker's School" at the University of Wisconsin. I accepted the offer, went to Wisconsin and enrolled. It was a typical New Deal project, completely Communist controlled.

We were daily taught in the class rooms how to organize a worker's society. The alleged advantages of a Socialist or Communist system were constantly discussed. In the evening, students would gather around the piano and sing revolutionary songs, such as the "The Internationale"

One night, a student invited a group of us to attend a closed Communist lecture. The meeting was held in the basement of the home of a Party member. The speaker was a young man from New York by the name of Cohen. He gave a report on the Seventh World Congress of the Communist Party.

He called us Liberals, and said we were like armies with- out generals, or plans to carry out our campaign, He said our hit-and-miss policy would lead the working classes to destruction. Only by developing trained leadership could we attain the goal of a new world order, or international Communism!

Cohen declared that the Communist Party was the van- guard of the masses and its membership comprised the generals for the coming revolution.

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