Samuel Hinds Wilkinson

British-Israelism Examined (1923)

British-Israelism Examined (1923) by Samuel Hinds Wilkinson


By the Rev. E. L. LANGSTON, MA

THE Rev. S. H. Wilkinson has done the whole Church of God in Great Britain a real service in making such a lucid and exhaustive examination of the claims of the British-Israel theory.

This book is of all the more value, in view of the fact that large numbers of earnest men and women of God are being drawn into the British-Israel net, imagining that our land and Empire is under the special protection of God, because we are supposed to be descendants of the ten tribes of the House of Israel.

In these days when the Bible is being dealt with very critically by scholars, surely it is a thousand pities that those of us who believe in its inspiration, historicity and authority, should be beguiled and led astray by this strange theory, which on close, careful investigation, has not one substantial fact to stand upon, whether the investigation he in the realm of Scriptural inspiration or historical facts; from beginning to end it is pure conjecture, built up upon coincidences.

It is perfectly amazing to think that such a movement could have developed and extended as it has done, upon so flimsy a foundation. I would, there‐ fore, very earnestly commend Mr. Wilkinson’s close study of the whole situation to every servant of God. It is a book which every Christian should both read and circulate.

His motive in writing, as is very evident when we read the book, is not because he wishes to thrust himself into the midst of a controversy; but on the contrary, it is his love for the truth of the Word of God that compels him to write as he does. We are most thankful to not also the spirit in which he writes. Nothing could be saner, fairer and more Christian than the way he takes up dispassionately point by point and proves to the hilt the position for which he contends.

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