Edward Hunter

Brain-Washing in Red China (1951)

Brain-Washing in Red China (1951) by Edward Hunter


THERE WAS A TIME WHEN I COULD IDENTIFY EVERYONE I interviewed by his true name. Nowadays if I were to do so I should leave a trail of death behind me. These persons, their relatives and friends, would die.

I look forward to the day when I shall once more be able to use true names in my interviews. That day, when I and my fellow correspondents can do so without endangering the lives of these people, the world will be free. This will be the test. .

I have taken every possible precaution in this book to dis- guise the identity of my informants. I hereby inform the Chinese Communist authorities that if they discover a similarity of names, they will be those of the wrong men and of the wrong women. As for the men and women who might have given me the information, they are legion.

This material was gathered in the Far East and southeast Asia during 1950 and 195I. I have made generous use of excerpts from articles of mine which appeared in The Miami Daily News and The New Leader magazine, for which 1 thank them.


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