A. W. Kliefoth

Bolshevism, by an Eye-Witness From Wisconsin (1920)

Bolshevism, by an Eye-Witness From Wisconsin (1920) by A. W. Kliefoth

Author was for three years Military Observer of the U.. S. Embassy at Petrograd - one year under the Czar and two years under the Kerensky and Lenin and Trotsky regimes.


Out of Darkest Russia come facts that make an American's blood run cold.

The Soviet Socialist Republic that Lenin and Trotsky have set up in the name of Marxian socialism is an attempt to establish a human stock farm, with all the science that breeds cattle for the market, even up to the slaughter house and bloody shambles.

Religion and the family, God and home, manage and mother love, all are being wiped out.

Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assemblage, the right to organize and strike all the great institutions of democracy- have disappeared.

"Any worded opposition or criticism of the Soviet form of government constitutes a lie," is the decree, and all newspapers, institutions or any person guilty of stating a lie in Soviet Russia is guilty of treason, and treason means jail or death.

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