J. Alfred Kinghorn-Jones

Blot Out Crime, Poverty, Prostitution, War: Why? And How? (1914)

Blot Out Crime, Poverty, Prostitution, War: Why? And How? (1914) by J. Alfred Kinghorn-Jones

Excerpt from Blot Out Crime, Poverty, Prostitution, War: Why? And How?


Every honest, kindly person, with reasoning power, who will throw aside all prejudice and early teachings, so far as possible, and reason back from effect to cause, must arrive at the fact that USURY is the cause of crime, poverty, prostitution and war.

A community would be considered crazy if some were energetically advocating filtration, others condensation, others chemical treatment of the water on which their health and lives depended, instead of going to the source of the water supply and removing the dead and putrid jackass that was poisoning them.

Equally crazy are those who rely on banking-regulating, tariff reform, trust-busting, purification-of-elections, single- tax, government-ownership, prohibition, graft-killing, uniform divorce-laws, white-slave-laws, world-peace, paliatives-for- disemployed, strike-arbitration and various other quack cures for the present rotten state of society instead of eradicating the poison, which is, the unnatural, unjust, wicked standard of all values souls and bodies no exception GOLD the foundation of USURY.

USURY—Wage slavery—must be abolished; so long as Usury exists those who perform any work useful to society b}'- brawn or brain are Slaves to the money-power. The people perish for lack of knowledge. Abolish Usury and the income of every worker would be more than doubled, the cost of living would be cut in half, workers would be more than four times better off; life really would be well worth living.

Professor Bonamy Price defines money thus: "Money is a tool of exchange and nothing more; it is not a measure of value, nor a standard of value, nor a representative of property; it transfers property from one party to another, as a wagon hauls goods from one' place to another."

Only about one person in ten thousand knows what money is, the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety and nine think it is a measure of value, or a standard of value, or a representative of property; they even look upon it as wealth; whereas it has none of those qualities; it is worthless until it is exchanged for something desired.

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