Catherine Palfrey Baldwin

And Men Wept (1954)

And Men Wept (1954) by Catherine Palfrey Baldwin


AND MEN WEPT:- This was the outstanding remark after the Republican Convention, Chicago, 1952. Why did they weep? Did they suddenly realize that unwittingly perhaps, unknowingly, they had been part of the betrayal of their country? Never was there a more flagrant flouting of the will of the American people and the Constitution of the United States of America. The man the American people wanted as their leader was lost to them, it was the zero hour, hearts were heavy, gloom was everywhere. General Douglas Mac Arthur, it was planned, was to be nominated on the second ballot, but the powers that be saw to it that there was no second ballot.

WITH KNOWLEDGE COMES RESPONSIBILITY. Would any true American shirk the responsibility that is his as an American citizen if he had the knowledge? Had he the knowledge would he have permitted our sons to be sent to the far corners of the globe to police the world and to aid in setting up a world government? How many American boys lie beneath the sod, how many more are blinded, maimed for life, without arms or legs, mentally gone, and the end is not in sight.

This knowledge was available to you but you could not believe, your heads were turned away, some in scorn and some in ridicule. Billions of dollars have been spent and more are planned to be spent and the taxes will fall not alone upon you, but upon those yet unborn for generations to come.

We are facing WORLD WAR III, it is just around the corner, will you listen and will you act before we are a completely lost nation?

For this reason alone is this book presented for your reading, for:- WITH KNOWLEDGE COMES RESPONSIBILITY.

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