Ezra Pound

America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War (1994)

America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War (1994) by Ezra Pound

Selected Quotes

The historical process has been understood at various times, but this understanding on the part of a diligent minority fighting for the public good is again and again thrust down beneath the surface. In 1878 my grandfather said the same things that I’m saying now, but the memory of his efforts has been obliterated.

"Schoolbooks do not disclose the inner workings of banks. The mystery of economics has been more jealously guarded than were ever the mysteries of Eleusis. And the Central Bank of Greece was at Delphi."

"This war was not caused by any caprice on Mussolini’s part, nor on Hitler’s. This war is part of the secular war between usurers and peasants, between the usurocracy and whomever does an honest day’s work with his own brain or hands."

"The cardinal fact of the American Revolution of 1776 was the suppression, in 1750, of the paper-money issue in Pennsylvania and other colonies, but history as taught in the U.S.A. speaks of more picturesque matters, such as the Boston Tea Party."

"What constitutes a sound basis of credit was already known & affirmed at the beginning of the 17th century by the founders of Monte dei Paschi of Siena. It was & is the abundance, or the productive capacity, of nature taken together with the responsibility of the whole people."

"What the sages understood was recorded, but inscriptions disappear, books decay, while usurocratic publicity floods the public’s mind like a muddy tide, and the same greed, the same iniquities and monopolies rise up again subjecting the world to their foul dominion."

"I quote these apparently unconnected facts to indicate certain high crimes are not due to any negligence on the part of a handful of scholars, & cannot be attributed to the ignorance of humanity, but they can only happen on account of the ignorance of the great majority."

"My ignorance, & yours, & that of the surrounding public is not today a natural phenomenon. Above & beyond natural ignorance, an artificial ignorance is diffused, artificially created by the usurocratic press & organizations striving to preserve their monopolies & privileges."

"The modern revelation of the usurocratic mechanism remained at this point until Arthur Kitson gave his evidence before the Macmillan Committee, when he traced the curve showing the relationships between debt & credit after..." WARS!!!

"Wars are provoked in succession, deliberately, by the great usurers, in order to create debts, to create scarcity, so that they can extort the interest on these debts..."

"Usurocracy had discovered that the slave-owning system was less profitable than that of “free” labour...."

"This opinion of the various Shermans, Rothschilds, etc., proved to be perfectly right. The protests of the minority representatives in the U.S.A, and of various cranks elsewhere, have failed to overcome the power of the usurers and of the international usurocratic press."

"... all the artful dodges of accounting used by the usurers to manipulate the present forms of money would be attempted in the case of any new kind of money... But the fundamental fraud is monopoly ! It is necessary to understand this."

(1) Wars are made to create debts.
(2) War is the highest form of sabotage, the most atrocious form of sabotage.
(3) A nation that will not get itself into debt drives the usurers to fury.

"It’s so much waste of time to speak of this or that “democracy.” The real government was, and is, to be found behind the scenes. The “democratic” system works as follows... "

"The reason for the present publication, at this particular moment, is to indicate the incidence of the present war in the series of wars provoked by the same never-dying agency, namely the world #usurocracy, or the congregation of High Finance"

"The usual frauds of book-keeping, monopoly, etc., have been known since the beginning of history, and it is precisely for this reason that the usurers are opposed to classical studies."

'The following phases follow one another: Freehold. The need of craftsmen. Slaves. Debts. “Free” craftsmanship in competition with the slave system. In the beginning personal commerce without indebtedness to finance.'

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