Revilo P. Oliver

All America Must Know THE TERROR That Is Upon Us (1959)

All America Must Know THE TERROR That Is Upon Us (1959) by Revilo P. Oliver

From Q speech by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, University of Illinois Professor of the Classics, in March, 1959, before the DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION
Annual Illinois State Convention Supplementary notes ore provided to document and, in o few instances, to expand and explain statements made in the speech on March 12, 1959.

From the Forward

No single paper, pamphlet, booklet, or more expanded text can even remotely challenge the number of reprints that have been made of this famous speech. A total circulation of "many" millions has certainly been reached.

Now, in mid 1966, Dr. Oliver has kindly extended the re- lated "documentation" which, in many instances, is even more revealing than the original speech.

Over seven years of additional treachery fully substantiate any and all conclusions drawn or implied and completely support his bold and frightening analysis. To suggest that "treason is the reason" is the understatement of the week. This originally relatively casual "recital" of many obvious acts of treason, has now earned its place in history. Yet there remain untold millions who are not awake.

Too many well informed patriots forget how little the uninformed really comprehend. We are prone to forget that we too learned of the conspiracy piece by piece. It is very reasonable to assume that the proper moment in history has finally been reached.

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