Andrew Kalpaschnikoff

A Prisoner of Trotsky's (1920)

A Prisoner of Trotsky's (1920) by Andrew Kalpaschnikoff

 From the Foreword

I HAVE been asked by the author and by the publishers also to write a foreword for Colonel Kalpaschnikoff's book A Prisoner of Trotsky's" and as I am familiar with the occurrences resulting in his arrest and five months' imprisonment, have consented to do so.

Colonel Kalpaschnikoff was in America when I arrived in Petrograd in April, 1916; he was delivering lectures in this country and soliciting funds for the purchase of motor ambulances for the "Siberian Regiments American Ambulance Society," of which he was Commissioner-General. He returned to Rus- sia immediately after the first revolution and on the same vessel from which Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) was taken at Halifax, and did some interpreting in connection with the detention of Trotsky. Upon arriving in Petrograd, Kalpaschnikoff visited the American Embassy several times. I remember receiving him on one or two occasions, also meeting him at several social functions. He told me that he had made an arrangement with the American Red Cross Mission to Rumania, of which Colonel Anderson of Virginia was the head, to transport to Jassy, the temporary capital of Rumania, seventy-two motor ambulances and eight light trucks enroute from America. This statement was confirmed later by Roger Griswold Perkins, connected with the American Red Cross Mission to Rumania, when he came to Petrograd enroute to America.

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