Sheldon Emry

A Christian Guide to Mass-Media Mythology (1988)

A Christian Guide to Mass-Media Mythology (1988) by Sheldon Emry

Featuring the cartoon ideas of Pastor Sheldon Emry & Ben Williams
Cartoons drawn and compiled by Paul Bunch

Today, it is Christians who are unable to 'discern the signs of the times' and are therefore quite ignorant of America's peril.

Much of this inability of American Christians to 'discern (understand) the signs of the times' is that they are so overwhelmed with volumes of misinformation foisted on them by schools, newspapers, magazines, television and movies that they are unable to separate the truth from falsehood. Most Americans believe many of the enemy's falsehoods and even those who KNOW the public news and entertainment media are enemy propaganda arms are sometimes deceived.

The volume of falsehoods poured upon our people is such that we cannot hope to match that output IN VOLUME! Therefore, to expose their falsehoods and to get Truth to our brethren we must use very effective methods. ONE OF THOSE VERY EFFECTIVE METHODS IS PICTURES!

It has been truly said, 'A picture is worth a thousand words." One cartoon can reveal as much truth in 30 seconds as a small book. It will often get through to the person before he can ignore or reject it!

Pastor Sheldon Emry
June 27, 1983

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