Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Synagogue of Satan (2006)

This is a blog with some notes, highlights and references from the book. Although a very long blog, there is far more available to read in the book itself, covering other topics not mentioned here, such as 7/7 and 9/11.

The Synagogue of Satan (2006) by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

About The Book & Author

This book has been re-published with the permission of the author Andrew Carrington Hitchcock who invites you to contact him at mailto:[email protected] or go to his website where you can find out more and also listen to his radio show, which in May 2019 passed over 1000 episodes: which is part of the Euro Folk Radio network. Andrew is also on twitter: @achitchcock (NOTE: ACH only posts mainly mainstream-media news and articles on twitter and doesn't interact publicly with other users.)

The website for the latest version of the book is: where and updated, expanded and uncensored version - continuing from where this version ends in 2006 - is available for purchase.

Andrew is a pastor and his Ministry of Yahweh website is:

Highlights, Excerpts & References

The 'problematic' issues of Khazars and the "The Talmud" for other Abrahamic faiths.

Image 1 - 1_975910749888569344.jpg
Image 2 - 2_975910749888569344.jpg


This kind of casual comedy is 'problematic' when you understand Jesus in "The Talmud" and who it is that makes the joke. They have elevated status due to the "monopoly of suffering".

Image 3 - 3_975914870762823680.jpg
Image 4 - 4_975914870762823680.jpg

Increasingly voices online especially are coming out saying how important it is to have an open discussion and dialogue about this.

Image 5 - 5_975914870762823680.jpg

"According to Forbes 25-30% of US multi millionaires/billionaires are Jewish" wrote Professor James Petras, author of "The power of Israel in the United States" & goes on to claim the USA is a proxy for Jewish Power.

Academic review critical of his book:

Image 6 - 6_980251515955896320.jpg
Image 7 - 7_980251515955896320.jpg
Image 8 - 8_980260088752504834.jpg

Jordan Peterson of course claimed to have 'debunked' this with

On The So-Called Jewish Question:

"So, what’s the story? No conspiracy. Get it? No conspiracy. Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ."
Image 9 - 9_980260088752504834.jpg

"It has always been the case that the cowardly inactions of the 'Silent Majority' lend power and credentials to the active minority who rule." - Texe Marrs

Image 10 - 10_980266390421729280.jpg
Image 11 - 11_980266390421729280.jpg
Image 12 - 12_980266390421729280.jpg

740 AD Khazar King Bulan's big gamble: Mass-conversion from pagan religion to Judaism prevent invasion by monotheistic Abrahamic Christianity and Islam.
Image 13 - 13_980452180615467008.jpg
Image 14 - 14_980452180615467008.jpg

1649 - Oliver Cromwell & the 1694 founding of The Bank of England which by 1698 - had increased the money supply to execute the 3-stage boom-bust cycle which remains little-changed to this day. "The bank hath the benefit of interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing."

Image 15 - 15_980457454927523840.jpg
Image 16 - 16_980457454927523840.jpg
Image 17 - 17_980457454927523840.jpg
Image 18 - 18_980457454927523840.jpg

An incomplete list of expulsions & explanations proffered by two authors. It's clear when usury is banned for all but a minority, that minority is sure to benefit greatly from those who don't understand its harmful effects. Why not blame the hosts for allowing usury at all?

Image 19 - 19_980459139813052416.jpg
Image 20 - 20_980459139813052416.jpg
Image 21 - 21_980459139813052416.jpg

Is it not that rather than a minority group of people who belong to a common religion, that usury, mammonism and the usurocracy is the real problem? Not to diminish the fact that certain religious texts intend harm to those not of the faith.

1744 - The Rothschild (Red-Shield) sign, symbolising 666 and the "Unity of Opposites" (male🔺female🔻) is placed above Moses Amschel Bauer's "counting house". Note the US Dollar spells MASON on each point of the star. ✡️
Image 22 - 22_980463845973032960.jpg
Image 23 - 23_980463845973032960.jpg
Image 24 - 24_980463845973032960.jpg
Image 25 - 25_980463845973032960.jpg

Image 26 - 26_980540796796637184.jpg
Image 27 - 27_980540796796637184.jpg
Image 28 - 28_980540796796637184.jpg

1776 May 1, Adam Weishaupt completes 'Illuminati' plans:

Proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments of Europe : carried on in the secret meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and reading societies (1798) by Robison, John, 1739-1805:

Image 29 - 29_980548496305590274.jpg
Image 30 - 30_980548496305590274.jpg
Image 31 - 31_980548496305590274.jpg
Image 32 - 32_980548496305590274.jpg

Adam Weishaupt seems like a real villain. His plans remind me of the Judaic Sabbatean-Frankist cult - "Sabbatean-Frankism as the Paradigm of the Modern Left":

In 1776 he recruited 2000 of...
Image 33 - 33_980550508204224513.jpg
Image 34 - 34_980550508204224513.jpg

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, from 1790 with his infamous quote followed by The First (Central) Bank of The United States a year later and the dying instructions to his family.

Image 35 - 35_980560091802996736.jpg
Image 36 - 36_980560091802996736.jpg
Image 37 - 37_980560091802996736.jpg

1815 - It's a one-way bet when you are guaranteed a pay-out no-matter-what from financing of all sides in war, especially when you have control of the fastest communications infrastructure.

Image 38 - 38_980565843493912576.jpg

Oxfam: Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world
16 January 2017

So where does a family go from "controlling over half the wealth of the world" a century ago? Compounding interest - usury! Why are such wealthy families always omitted from these lists?
Image 39 - 39_980570737269501952.jpg

The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte (1834)
By Sir Walter Scott

The French Revolution was planned by the 'Illuminati' and financed by the money changers of Europe.
Image 40 - 40_980573896910032897.jpg
Image 41 - 41_980573896910032897.jpg

Some other significant events in the 19th century: Marx, Ritter, Nietzsche, Freud. Roots of Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Nihilism.

Albert Pike, most powerful Freemason in America writes in "Morals & Dogma" that Freemasonry is based on Jewish Kabbalah.

Image 42 - 42_980598870022508544.jpg
Image 43 - 43_980598870022508544.jpg
Image 44 - 44_980598870022508544.jpg
Image 45 - 45_980598870022508544.jpg

Racism against black people in The Talmud where they are referred to as cursed 'Hamites'.

Image 46 - 46_980604758363856897.jpg
Image 47 - 47_980604758363856897.jpg

The Jews and Modern Capitalism
by Werner Sombart

Image 48 - 48_980608391130251264.jpg

The inside story of the Peace Conference (1920)
by Dillon, Emile Joseph, 1855-1933

Image 49 - 49_980776621987782656.jpg
Image 50 - 50_980776621987782656.jpg
Image 51 - 51_980776621987782656.jpg

1922 New York Times: "The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become capital of the world's peace," declared Dr Nahum Solokow, Chairman of the Zionist Executive Committee, at a special meeting of the Zionist Conference today.

Image 52 - 52_980779428660809728.jpg
Image 53 - 53_980779428660809728.jpg
Image 54 - 54_980779428660809728.jpg

You Gentiles (1925)
by Samuel, Maurice, 1895-1972

"...we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own."

Image 55 - 55_980797594925518854.jpg
Image 56 - 56_980797594925518854.jpg
Image 57 - 57_980797594925518854.jpg

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (1924)
by Nesta Webster

Image 58 - 58_980799135203889152.jpg
Image 59 - 59_980799135203889152.jpg

1927 - "Masonry is based on Judaism."
Image 60 - 60_980803100192706560.jpg
Image 61 - 61_980803100192706560.jpg

1933 - Hitler, the boycott
1934 - Boycott pressure increases, startling admissions, Samuel Roth (1893-1974) publishes
"Jews must live; an account of the persecution of the world by Israel on all the frontiers of civilization"

Image 62 - 62_980815780127432710.jpg
Image 63 - 63_980815780127432710.jpg
Image 64 - 64_980815780127432710.jpg

1935 - Elizabeth Donnan "History of the Slave Trade to America" completed and details who dominated the trade:

Documents illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America (1930-33)
by Donnan, Elizabeth (1883-1955)

1 - 1930:
2 - 1931:
3 - 1932:
4 - 1933:

Mao Tse Tung states "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun."
Image 65 - 65_980822385636110336.jpg
Image 66 - 66_980822385636110336.jpg
Image 67 - 67_980822385636110336.jpg

Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine (1936)
Samuel Landman, New Zionist Press, London 1936, 19 p.

Image 68 - 68_980824159658835968.jpg

Twilight Over England (1940) by Joyce, William, 1906-1946.

He was a British defector to Nazi Germany and broadcast propaganda warning against Bolshevism and International Finance. He didn't know Britain was Germany's biggest trading partner by the time this book was published.
Image 69 - 69_980840150824620033.jpg
Image 70 - 70_980840150824620033.jpg
Image 71 - 71_980840150824620033.jpg
Image 72 - 72_980840150824620033.jpg

"In the 60 years since the attack at the King David Hotel, Israel has hurt some two million civilians, including 750,000 who lost their homes in 1948 and another quarter million Palestinians who were forced to leave the West Bank in the Six-Day War."

Image 73 - 73_980870041267826695.jpg
Image 74 - 74_980870041267826695.jpg
Image 75 - 75_980870041267826695.jpg

BoE: "There are some misconceptions on the internet about the Bank of England today being owned by private families, the Royal Family or run as a private corporation. However, these stories are untrue."

Image 76 - 76_980880711220649985.jpg
Image 77 - 77_980880711220649985.jpg
Image 78 - 78_980880711220649985.jpg
Image 79 - 79_980880711220649985.jpg

HM Treasury: "In 1946 existing holders of Bank of England stock – which at the time paid an annual dividend of 12% – received £400 of 3% Treasury Stock in exchange for every £100 of their Bank of England stock, providing them with the same annual income."

Image 80 - 80_980882352686751744.jpg
Image 81 - 81_980882352686751744.jpg

1947 Horrifying terrorist attacks on British Forces in Palestine by future Israeli PM Begin - disgusting what he did to the corpses.

Image 82 - 82_980936626972045319.jpg
Image 83 - 83_980936626972045319.jpg
Image 84 - 84_980936626972045319.jpg

United Nations World New York, October 1947, pp. 13-14 Open Letter
By Albert Einstein

Harry S. Truman 1947 wrote in his diary: "The Jews have no sense of proportion..."

Image 85 - 85_980939393799278592.jpg
Image 86 - 86_980939393799278592.jpg
Image 87 - 87_980939393799278592.jpg
Image 88 - 88_980939393799278592.jpg

Harry Truman's Forgotten Diary 1947
Writings Offer Fresh Insight on the President (WP)
By Rebecca Dana and Peter Carlson

The International Campaign for Real History

The "Ink Flag" of 1949, which was raised during the War of Independence
Image 89 - 89_980942672486690816.jpg
Image 90 - 90_980942672486690816.jpg
Image 91 - 91_980942672486690816.jpg
Image 92 - 92_980942672486690816.jpg

The Deir Yassin Massacre

Majority of Israel sources say it was a myth, Palestinians say no.

Electronic Infitada:
Israel Today: "...At the risk of being liked to "Holocaust deniers..."
Image 93 - 93_980946022804410369.jpg
Image 94 - 94_980946022804410369.jpg
Image 95 - 95_980946022804410369.jpg
Image 96 - 96_980946022804410369.jpg

"We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest."

James P. Warburg, February 17, 1950

Image 97 - 97_980977589576781824.jpg
Image 98 - 98_980977589576781824.jpg
Image 99 - 99_980977589576781824.jpg
Image 100 - 100_980977589576781824.jpg

1952 The genocide by radiation poisoning of Sephardic children by Khazars on "school trips" and Arab/Palestinian children treated for 'ringworm'

Image 101 - 101_980981157293645824.jpg
Image 102 - 102_980981157293645824.jpg
Image 103 - 103_980981157293645824.jpg

Documentary: Zionists Radiated 100,000 Sephardi Jewish Children

Israeli TV station 10 exposed the ugliest secret of Israel's Labor Zionist founders; the deliberate mass radiation poisoning of nearly all Sephardi youth

John E Rankin: Equal Opportunity Racist
Published on March 29, 2017

Image 104 - 104_980986884859023362.jpg
Image 105 - 105_980986884859023362.jpg

Documentary: Israeli Eugenic Experiments on Jewish children

They were to be used in a mass atomic experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths used as guinea pigs. Every child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose through his head.

1954 "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War" - Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs, including a United States diplomatic facility, left evidence behind implicating Muslims as the culprits. Considered 'martyrs' in Israel

Image 106 - 106_981251709023473669.jpg
Image 107 - 107_981251709023473669.jpg
Image 108 - 108_981251709023473669.jpg

1954 First Bilderberg Meeting when often potential 'democracy leaders' are vetted such as Bill Clinton (1991), Tony Blair (1993), Angela Merkel (2005).

Bilderberg Source Material Archive:

Image 109 - 109_981257794505592833.jpg
Image 110 - 110_981257794505592833.jpg
Image 111 - 111_981257794505592833.jpg

1956 Deir Yassin massacre's Menachem Begin becomes Israeli PM. Another case of espionage against the US.

Image 112 - 112_981260943912062976.jpg
Image 113 - 113_981260943912062976.jpg

1957 Suez Canal crisis. Ariel Sharon orders execution of 273 unarmed prisoners (Egyptian POWs & Sudanese workers) and dumps them in mass graves, story suppressed for 40 years until broken in Aug 16 1995 Daily Telegraph.

Image 114 - 114_981263180612685827.jpg
Image 115 - 115_981263180612685827.jpg

1962 Engel vs Vitale court case in NY. Facts and Case Summary:
NOT BANNED! "The law allowed students to absent themselves from this activity if they found it is not appropriate for the government to endorse any particular belief system."
Image 116 - 116_981266234598723584.jpg

Executive Order 11110:
Wouldn't allow nukes for Israel:
Jackie was Jewish:
Image 117 - 117_981269510123675648.jpg
Image 118 - 118_981269510123675648.jpg
Image 119 - 119_981269510123675648.jpg
Image 120 - 120_981269510123675648.jpg

1963 Jan 10 "45 goals of the Communist Manifesto" are stated in US Congress by A S Herlong Jr of Florida which is on the Congressional Record


1967 USS Liberty sunk by Israel killing 34, wounding 174 in a 75 minute attack shooting up the US flag and gunning the lifeboats then claims it was mistaken for an Egyptian vessel!
Image 123 - 123_981276340019236865.jpg
Image 124 - 124_981276340019236865.jpg
Image 125 - 125_981276340019236865.jpg
Image 126 - 126_981276340019236865.jpg

Image 127 - 127_981278514249859073.jpg
Image 128 - 128_981278514249859073.jpg

1971 "None Dare Call It A Conspiracy" on Communism/Socialism published: https://[](
Lansky: Internet Archive:

Image 129 - 129_981289493432061952.jpg
Image 130 - 130_981289493432061952.jpg
Image 131 - 131_981289493432061952.jpg
Image 132 - 132_981289493432061952.jpg

1967 William Fullbright speak about Jewish power in the US:

1973 US support helps Israel win 1973 Arab-Israeli War.
VP Spiro Agnew resigns, later being highly critical of The Israel Lobby:

Image 133 - 133_981302209513213952.jpg
Image 134 - 134_981302209513213952.jpg
Image 135 - 135_981302209513213952.jpg

1975 United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on 10 November 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (32 abstentions)

"Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination" was revoked in 1991 with UN Resolution 46/86

Image 136 - 136_981306865522020359.jpg

1976 Harold Rosenthal to fellow Ashkenazi Senator Jacob Javits:
"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer."

1977 Non-Jewish Christians to be jailed for up to 5 years for giving out a New Testament in Israel

Image 137 - 137_981314815275696128.jpg

1978 South Lebanon Invaded by Israel after "False Flag" attack on bus in Israel

Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

Alleged Use of False Flag Attacks by Mossad

Image 138 - 138_981319410307731456.jpg
Image 139 - 139_981319410307731456.jpg

1978 Khazar spy Stephen Bryen caught
Wikispooks Israeli Espionage:

Zionist Nahum Goldmann writes "The Jewish Paradox" with quote: "I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements: extracting money and protesting."

Image 140 - 140_981325144315650048.jpg
Image 141 - 141_981325144315650048.jpg
Image 142 - 142_981325144315650048.jpg

1979 Marlon Brando in Playboy on Jewish Hollywood control

US pledges $3 bln annually to Israel the largest annual recipient of American aid from 1976 to 2004, the largest cumulative recipient of aid ($121 billion nonadj.) since WW2

Image 143 - 143_981327987948867584.jpg
Image 144 - 144_981327987948867584.jpg
Image 145 - 145_981327987948867584.jpg

1982 Israel's "Operation Peace for Galilee" invasion into Lebanon

1983 By Way Of Deception published.
Internet Archive:

Schlomo Lahat: "We have to kill all of the Palestinians, unless resigned to live here as slaves."
Image 146 - 146_981332079408447488.jpg
Image 147 - 147_981332079408447488.jpg

  • 1983 "Judaism in the US" published by Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael

"Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas"

Image 148 - 148_981333316287844353.jpg
Image 149 - 149_981333316287844353.jpg

1984 Israeli & Sri Lanka "To Israel more wars mean more profit... Meanwhile back in Sri Lanka, they did everything possible to escalate the massacres on all sides into a full-scale war."

The Fateful Triangle – India, Sri Lanka & MOSSAD
Columbo Telegraph

Image 150 - 150_981335948695949313.jpg

1985 Jack Bernstein publishes "The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel". ADL refuses his offer of a live TV debate, Mossad assassinates him.

Image 151 - 151_981338346474614785.jpg
Image 152 - 152_981338346474614785.jpg
Image 153 - 153_981338346474614785.jpg
Image 154 - 154_981338346474614785.jpg

All These Things (1936)

By Arthur Nelson Field

Image 155 - 155_981356681685807104.jpg
Image 156 - 156_981356681685807104.jpg

1985 Spy Jonathan Pollard arrested

The Truth of Jonathan Pollard

"to be released on parole" NYT 2015:

Netanyahu reportedly asked Trump to let Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard immigrate to Israel BI 2017

Image 157 - 157_981363553230782464.jpg

1985 Richard Smyth smuggling nuclear devices for Israel

VT: The Movie Producer and the Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring 2017

Achille Lauro:

Ari Ben Ben-Menashe interview:

Image 158 - 158_981367077180145664.jpg
Image 159 - 159_981367077180145664.jpg

1986 Jewish Oliver Stone's non-Jew Gordon Gekko of "Wall Street" is based on Jew Ivan Boesky.

Ivan Boesky:

Dennis Levine:
Martin Siegel:
Michael Milken:
Image 160 - 160_981371073756389376.jpg

More than 9 million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after the Second World War.

By James Bacque:

Other Losses by James Bacque (1989)

Image 161 - 161_981373768554696704.jpg
Image 162 - 162_981373768554696704.jpg
Image 163 - 163_981373768554696704.jpg
Image 164 - 164_981373768554696704.jpg

Crimes & Mercies (1997) alt
By James Baque

Image 165 - 165_981375828847194112.jpg

1988 John Dean reports Mossad assassinated Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq and is relieved of State Dept duties as "mentally imbalanced".

1989 Mysterious captured "Mike Harari" in US Panama Invasion disappears to Israel

Image 166 - 166_981380204005388288.jpg
Image 167 - 167_981380204005388288.jpg

1989 Communism falls, exodus of 700,000 to Israel, Netanyahu regrets not exploiting Chinese situation to expel more Arabs, Auschwitz plaque figure revised downwards although official figure still '6 million'.

How many?

1990 By Way Of Deception
by Victor Ostrovsky

published (correction from earlier tweet)
Image 170 - 170_981387504938086401.jpg
Image 171 - 171_981387504938086401.jpg
Image 172 - 172_981387504938086401.jpg
Image 173 - 173_981387504938086401.jpg

1991 Gulf War, 🇺🇸 US 40,000 dead, 400,000 with "Gulf War Syndrome". The military obtained 800,000 defective chemical & biological suits from 🇮🇱Isratex with holes and tears in. Company owners got a slap on the wrist fine.

Image 174 - 174_981538161812803585.jpg

1991 US Public Law 102-14 "Education Day" passed, Talmudic Noahide Laws

Image 175 - 175_981541208576184320.jpg
Image 176 - 176_981541208576184320.jpg
Image 177 - 177_981541208576184320.jpg
Image 178 - 178_981541208576184320.jpg

1992 The Sampson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal & American Foreign Policy (1991)
by Seymour Hersh

Recon Optical:
Image 179 - 179_981545835279380481.jpg

1992 George Soros, Norman Lamont, (NM Rothschild Bank), 6 of 7 Russian Oligarchs, all Jewish by coincidence, wreak economic havoc. John Major signs away UK sovereignty in The Maastricht Treaty.

Image 180 - 180_981547952027160577.jpg
Image 181 - 181_981547952027160577.jpg
Image 182 - 182_981547952027160577.jpg
Image 183 - 183_981547952027160577.jpg

1993 Ex Congressman Paul Findlay published "Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the facts about The US-Israeli Relationship"

"They Dare To Speak Out":

Image 184 - 184_981550119203102721.jpg
Image 185 - 185_981550119203102721.jpg

1993 ADL spying operations exposed:

"Operation Accountability" Lebanon attack:,7340,L-3284732,00.html

Schindler's List

Ends with 6 million murdered figure!
Image 186 - 186_981554701236883458.jpg
Image 187 - 187_981554701236883458.jpg
Image 188 - 188_981554701236883458.jpg

1994 Purim massacreby Baruch Kappel Goldstein of 29 mosque-goers, wounding 125 others.

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin: "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."

Image 189 - 189_981557744607035392.jpg
Image 190 - 190_981557744607035392.jpg

1994 Israel refuses to extradite war criminal Solomon Morel to Poland for crimes committed in concentration camps, calling it "an anti-Semitic plot".

PDF: "An eye for an eye" by John Sack

Image 191 - 191_981560344643432448.jpg
Image 192 - 192_981560344643432448.jpg
Image 193 - 193_981560344643432448.jpg

The dark side of his release and story.

Talmud permits child abuse:

Image 194 - 194_981563275828776963.jpg
Image 195 - 195_981563275828776963.jpg
Image 196 - 196_981563275828776963.jpg

1996 More reports of Israeli espionage and selling of US state secrets

Weaknesses in U.S.
Security Arrangements
With Foreign-Owned
Defense Contractors

Image 197 - 197_981566971924963328.jpg
Image 198 - 198_981566971924963328.jpg
Image 199 - 199_981566971924963328.jpg
Image 200 - 200_981566971924963328.jpg

1996 "Operation Grapes of Wrath" is yet another attack on Lebanon by Israel who says "terrible tragedy" & "a mistake" - over 100 dead civilians.

Jewish US UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright's "it was a price worth paying" about 100,000s of children dying.

Image 201 - 201_981569428834963456.jpg
Image 202 - 202_981569428834963456.jpg
Image 203 - 203_981569428834963456.jpg

1996 Paper "A Clean Break" publishes the pretext for the future Iraq War (inc PDF)

Marlon Brando (again) on Jewish Hollywood control:

1997 David Tenenbaum, another Khazar spy for Israel caught. Hunt for top-spy called after Bill Clinton's affair with Khazar Lewinsky.


Image 206 - 206_981576305006309377.jpg
Image 207 - 207_981576305006309377.jpg
Image 208 - 208_981576305006309377.jpg

1997 Tony Blair elected after selling-out, grants honours, promises Labour won't be critical of Israel.

Money supply:




Image 209 - 209_981582274209730560.jpg
Image 210 - 210_981582274209730560.jpg
Image 211 - 211_981582274209730560.jpg
Image 212 - 212_981582274209730560.jpg

1998 Report on prostitution of Russian women in Israel appears in NYT

White slavery in Israel PDF:

Slavic Women Forced Into Prostitution by Jews - Dr William Luther Pierce
Vimeo documentary:
Image 213 - 213_981584740728950784.jpg
Image 214 - 214_981584740728950784.jpg

Image 215 - 215_981586796852273155.jpg
Image 216 - 216_981586796852273155.jpg
Image 217 - 217_981586796852273155.jpg

2000 Organized crime rings busted in US & Italy
Image 218 - 218_981638480152408068.jpg
Image 219 - 219_981638480152408068.jpg
Image 220 - 220_981638480152408068.jpg

2000 Ex-agent Jacob Orgad mastermind of drug operation to US via Hassidic mules


"Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

Image 221 - 221_981641284531126273.jpg
Image 222 - 222_981641284531126273.jpg

2001 Khazar Dr Philip Zack busted as being behind anthrax letters. News blackout.

ex-JDL Chairman Irv Rubin suicides by slitting own throat after jailed for planning to attack an Arab-American.
Image 223 - 223_981647576326918144.jpg

2001 The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography
Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy
By Stephen Steinlight on October 1, 2001

2001 FBI uncovers largest foreign spy-ring ever in the 🇺🇸 USA, operated by 🇮🇱

2002 Israeli Art Students spy-ring busted
Image 226 - 226_981654324462964737.jpg
Image 227 - 227_981654324462964737.jpg

2002 Ariel Sharon’s most powerful weapon: George W. Bush who calls his friend "A man of peace"

How did a Texas oilman end up being a fervent supporter of the hard-line Israeli prime minister?


Image 228 - 228_981656853963735040.jpg
Image 229 - 229_981656853963735040.jpg

2002 James Longley releases documentary Gaza Strip:

IDF shooting children, booby-trapping toys, helicopters dropping nerve-agents...
Image 230 - 230_981658301510438914.jpg
Image 231 - 231_981658301510438914.jpg

2003 US Activist run over - twice - by an Israeli IDF bulldozer and killed for protesting against a demolition

2006 NYC play "My name is Rachel Corrie" is shutdown after good run in London:

Image 232 - 232_981661259279060994.jpg

2003 Paul Bremer named Iraq Administrator by Bush


2004 FBI investigation into AIPAC

Image 234 - 234_981665533350350848.jpg
Image 235 - 235_981665533350350848.jpg
Image 236 - 236_981665533350350848.jpg

2004 Senator Ersnt Hollings speaks out on Israeli control of America.

Ralph Nader speaks out too.

Image 237 - 237_981667717882241029.jpg
Image 238 - 238_981667717882241029.jpg

2004 ADL National Director publishes book claiming New Testament is "hate speech"

"Passion of Christ" censorship of Matthew 27:25 "Let his blood be on us, and all of our children."

Image 239 - 239_981670554242568192.jpg
Image 240 - 240_981670554242568192.jpg

2004 Israel allegedly passes act to criminalise anyone who questions 6 million and request extradition.

President Bush signs "Global anti-Semitism Review Act" PDF:

Image 241 - 241_981673124738551808.jpg

IMPORTANT: President Bush signed this into law: (document in previous tweet)
Image 242 - 242_981675165443649536.jpg
Image 243 - 243_981675165443649536.jpg
Image 244 - 244_981675165443649536.jpg

2005 Dual-citizen Michael Chertoff is made Head of DHS, his mother was a Mossad agent, father a Rabbi, Talmudic scholar

Danish Cartoons published to inflame tensions, Fleming Rose 10 years later:
Image 245 - 245_981681226108030976.jpg
Image 246 - 246_981681226108030976.jpg

2005 Madonna's Kabbalah Centre conman arrested.

Iraq corruption with felon Robert Stein appointment and later fraud.

Anomoly of WW2 leaders 1000s of pages published not mentioning gas chambers.

Image 247 - 247_981684402454515712.jpg
Image 248 - 248_981684402454515712.jpg
Image 249 - 249_981684402454515712.jpg

2005 Cameron takes leadership of Tories. He had worked with Lamont when Soros raided The Bank of England.

Suspicions raised about role of the two main UK political parties 'friends'

2006 Hamas election victory in Palestinian elections is a boon for Israel

Rothschild's enter China's financial market, out now?

Half of US Senators and 1/3 Congressmen go to AIPAC Convention
Image 251 - 251_981691422205235200.jpg
Image 252 - 252_981691422205235200.jpg

2006 ADL pushes "hate crime" laws.

David Irving jailed over WW2 Holocaust opinion.

Mexican migration encouraged to US.

Jewish media Lebanon narrative always ignores Christians.

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Please note I missed out much in the book 7/7 9/11 etc
Image 256 - 256_981695638139232257.jpg
Image 257 - 257_981695638139232257.jpg
Image 258 - 258_981695638139232257.jpg

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See Also

2015 Greville Janner, ex president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews; ex VP of the World Jewish Congress. 33 separate allegations of historical child sexual abuse were made against him.

Image 259 - 259_982029632487780353.jpg
Image 260 - 260_982029632487780353.jpg
Image 261 - 261_982029632487780353.jpg

My farewell to Israel - Thorn in the Middle East (1985)
By Jack Bernstein

What is this thing called Anti-Semitism? (1951)
By Myron Coureval Fagan

Myron Fagan Wikipedia:
FBI Files on Myron Fagan:

The satanic cult that rules the world

By Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, Carrol and Graf Publishers, 2002, 368

AIPAC 101 (2012)
By Anthony Lawson

September 11: Inside Job or Mossad Job?
by Laurent Guyénot
Israel’s role in the events of September 11, 2001—that shape the 21st century—is the subject of bitter controversy, or rather a real taboo even within the 9/11 Truth Movement...

"The road to Zion has been paved in blood and the "goyim" are just stepping stones in the eyes of Ira Rennet."

"This conference resolved that central reserve banks should be set up in all countries where they were not already in existence. This work was thereafter steadily proceeded with and such banks have been established throughout almost the whole world."
Image 263 - 263_1003339327533977600.jpg
Image 264 - 264_1003339327533977600.jpg

How New Zealand were swindled out of their gold in 1933 when their "Reserve Bank" central bank was set-up, minus the gold reserves.
Image 265 - 265_1003343602402119680.jpg
Image 266 - 266_1003343602402119680.jpg

"for the first time Jewish political activity came to be widely regarded in a highly unfavourable light by the British public...& recognized the existence of a Jewish Question in the British Empire."

Image 267 - 267_1003351801285021696.jpg
Image 268 - 268_1003351801285021696.jpg

Guglielmo Marconi joined Italian Fascist Party, shows the fallacy of fascists being necessarily “anti-Semitic.” losses writing down of the assets to approximately £6,000,000 truly amazing how often that number crops up in relation to this particular tribe

Image 269 - 269_1003361429595009025.jpg
Image 270 - 270_1003361429595009025.jpg

"9-11/Israel did it"
This article marshals evidence for the proposition that "Israel did it".


Christopher Bollyn on the War on Terror
Nov 12, 2018
"We discuss how governments & the media have misled the public about the 9/11 & how the War on Terror is a strategic plan developed decades in advance to dominate the Middle East & the entire world."

2014: 26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered

"Now, the Forward has identified and reviewed tax documents filed by more than 3,600 Jewish organizations..."

William Joyce - Twilight Over England (Myth20c - Ep106)
Posted by ADAM SMITH
JANUARY 30, 2019
Myth of the 20th Century

A Terrible Revenge, subtitled The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944–1950 (1994)
by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

Image 271 - 271_1107094753932398594.jpg
Image 272 - 272_1107094753932398594.jpg

Gruesome Harvest - The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People Of Germany (1978)
By Ralph Franklin Keeling
Forward by Austin J App

Image 273 - 273_1107105933170278407.jpg
Image 274 - 274_1107105933170278407.jpg

History's Most Terrifying Peace (1946)
Thirteen Reprinted Articles
By Austin J App

Image 275 - 275_1108397034451726337.jpg
Image 276 - 276_1108397034451726337.jpg
Image 277 - 277_1108397034451726337.jpg

The Golden Rule

"The League's failure was a moral failure ... the League failed because of a false and vicious idea that international morality differs in some way from individual morality."

Carl A. Berendsen, NZ Ambassador, 1945

Image 278 - 278_1109184299604021248.jpg
Image 279 - 279_1109184299604021248.jpg

"This old Judaistic dispensation towards the vanquished serves to explain the murderous vindictiveness and thinly disguised extermination policy towards the Germans of The Morgenthau Plan and the many influential American Jews who support and advocate its policy and spirit."
Image 280 - 280_1109190886729150464.jpg
Image 281 - 281_1109190886729150464.jpg

"Terms of surrender or of peace or of treaties do not create justice. When they are just, they merely advertize the justice. When they are unjust, they are invalid. A person must always treat another justly and honestly, contract or no contract."
Image 282 - 282_1109193625018253314.jpg

No Treaty or Power on Earth Can Confer the Right to Continue an Injustice

It must be clearly understood that injustice never is valid and may never be continued.
Image 283 - 283_1109195734904127488.jpg

"Stripped of all fancy language, an imposed peace gives the vanquished the choice of being starved and shot down or of doing what the victors demand."
Image 284 - 284_1109197359890735107.jpg

Once people - often well into adulthood - realise the existence of 'The JQ' and its influence, they start to become aware of its role in cultural and social engineering and programming of society, especially through mass-entertainment:

Even today we see Chinese state broadcaster CGTN make a reference to the JQ:
Image 285 - 285_1111254947486711810.jpg

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