📚 The Protocols

Much has come to pass from it but because it is a 'plagiarized' 'forgery' 'fake-news' publication we should never read it.

📗 of The Learned Elders of Zion (1919) 107 pages:
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📙 and World Revolution (1920) 154 pages:
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📘 of Zion with Explanatory Notes (1934) 306 pages:
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The Protocols of Zion - Relationship with Machiavel et Montesquieu (For me now "This video has been removed for violating (Jewish-owned) YouTube's policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.")

"The method used to discredit The Protocols is exactly as the method written and described within The Protocols"

📘💡New Light On The Protocols: Latest Evidence On The Veracity Of This Remarkable Document (1935) by W. Creutz

'Thus it is definitely proved that both books that served as a
foundation for the “Protocols,” were written by Jews, both of whom were friend of the founder of the “Alliance Israelite Universelle,"

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'One easily understands the “Aims" of this "league” if he reads carefully the letter written by the Jew Baruch Levy to Karl Marx.'

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Surnames that still repeat through history and echo in modern times "Ginzberg, Epstein, Bernstein, Shapiro" - Yimakh shemo!!!

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"The next war which is now in preparation shall lead to the complete downfall of the Goyim." (Written 1935 - how is it so many people 'predicted' WW2 was ahead? )

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"How was it possible for two minor police officials to alter com ‑
pletely the face of the whole world, to overthrow thrones and to
destroy empires? How did they succeed in accumulating all the gold of the world in their hands, to ruin entire nations and to muzzle the press???"

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"Those prophetic words should be remembered by all true
Christians with anxiety. We want Justice which does not exclude
Mercy, but no vengeance and no physical violence."

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'One can never be sure of it anyway as many “Goyim” prefer to continue to sleep quietly instead of straining their brains. “Kismet!” There is no God's law for the saving of the imbecile. Here is the plan invented by the “Learned Elders of Zion"

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📕✡️On the Protocols (1943) by Ezra Pound

"Certainly they are a forgery, \& that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 2400 years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever. "

"Twenty-five years ago, the publishers Putnam, wanted to publish the Protocols. They were firmly reminded that if they did so they would be forced out of business and ruined."

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Sabbatean-Frankist Connections

"they are NOT a Jewish-plot agenda, they are a Sabbatean-Frankist death-cult agenda" - Icke

Full Interview: (Now: Video unavailable This video is private)

Sabbatai Zevi:
Jacob Frank:

They were Kabbalists, followers of a 13th century forged-book which "According to Rabbi Steinsaltz, Jewish mysticism – or Kabbalah – is the official theology of the Jewish people."

An excellent independently published book by jew Robert Sepehr detailing the Sabbatean-Frankist cult:

📘1666 Redemption Through Sin: Global Conspiracy in History, Religion, Politics and Finance by Robert Sepehr

📺🇺🇸Webster Tarpley on "Sabbatai Zevi, The False Messiah from Smyrna, Turkey, whose father was an agent for English Puritan Merchants"

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See "The Jewish Masque" about the history of their forgeries much has been verified by scholars already.

This might be where Tarpley gets that Zevi's father was an agent for The British:

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