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“Want and opinion are the two agents which make all men act. Cause the want, govern opinions, and you will overturn all the existing systems, however well constituted they may appear.”

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"In the House of Commons, on November 5, 1919, Mr. Winston Churchill gave a very remarkable account of the Russian Revolution."

(((formidable sect)))

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Let's not forget Churchill’s "Bolshevism versus Zionism", published February 8, 1920, around the same time as this book.

"What is this “formidable sect” of which Barruel speaks in the eighteenth century, of which Mr. Churchill speaks in the twentieth? Is it the same then as now? That is a disturbing question."

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Churchill and Parliament would have had access to these reports:

Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati plan is perhaps coming to fruition now, and study of history shows he wasn't the originator of such an idea. They are reflected in Judaism and many speeches and writings of the spawn of Satan.

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"Weishaupt’s instructions on the gentle art of capturing Freemasonry are interesting:"
(Who else were based in Frankfurt at that time?)

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"Agent of the Grand Orient, an officer called Sinetty. In a grandiloquent speech he told them the Universe was about to be freed from its fetters, the tyrants called Kings were to be vanquished, that Religion and Kings were to give way to Light, Liberty, and Equality."

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"Everybody knows that one main cause of the Revolution in Paris was the scarcity of bread... many authorities to show that the scarcity was aggravated by the deliberate action of certain people who bought and held up the grain."

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Jacques de Livron Joachim de la Tour de la Casa Martinez de Pasqually

All in it together. When they outlive their usefulness... Chopping block.

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in this and the succeeding degrees numerous Hebrew names and associations creep into the rituals... “Venerable Master: My Brethren, are you willing to take upon yourselves the duties of Governors in Israel'. It is not difficult to see whither all this symbolism and catechism points.

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"Step by step are the initiates into the deeper secrets led to abandon belief, not only in Christianity, but in all revealed religion, and by making them out and out materialists..."

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"... these subversive forms of Freemasonry have a ritual of hatred for the Cross and veneration for the Temple which suggest a Hebraic origin."

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"revenge for the execution of Jacques de Molai, turned into a ritual against Church, and King is another matter. That ritual was practised on the eve of the French Revolution. When the head of Louis XVI. fell into the sack not only was the death of Jacques de Molai revenged"

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Ritual killing of the king:

"Jean Baptiste Simonini written from Florence on the 1st August, 1806, to the Abbe Barruel congratulating him on his book, which Simonini had just read. Simonini informs the Abbe that his conclusions are correct but do not go far enough, and that behind the Masons were the Jews."

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'He admits, however, that very close relations exist between Jewry and the secret societies. And he sets these relations down to the Hebraic antagonism against Christianity which led the Jews “to utilize secret societies, more or less, for their own interests.”'

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"Now this letter is at least as old as 1896 (if it is a forgery); if it is genuine, it is as old as 1871. It must therefore be considered remarkable, whether as a forgery or as a genuine document. For it predicts what has happened in Russia,"

"Here then we have a motive hitherto unsuspected by those Gentiles who follow the Red Banner—the motive of destroying the Christian nations in revenge for the wrongs of Judaism."

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(cont'd) Bakunin: Part of his plan was to organize a great Slav Power to include all the Slav elements of Europe, and he designed to destroy not only the Russian Empire, but the German and Austrian Empires as well... bitterly denounced Karl Marx and his “clique of Jews”.

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In 1876, the International (founded by Marx in London) was formally dissolved at a meeting held in Philadelphia. Two hotbeds of Freemasonry and secret societies.

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"... there will be neither Christian nor Jew, but only men stripped of divinity, and where, politically speaking, the Christian will become, if not the slave, at least the inferior of the Jew, the master."

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Sergei Nilus, The Protocols and "Dr. Theodor Hertzl, a Vienna journalist and dramatic critic, who energetically brought forward to a world-wide public certain age-old plans of these secret leaders of Jewry."

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The Protocols:

"So much then for the date. The protocols must have been delivered or written at some time between 1889 and 1905."

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"It is known, that the two Spartacist leaders in Germany were Jews, that Bela Kun, Szamuelly, in fact nearly every one of Hungarian revolutionaries were Jews, there is universal testimony by all Christian refugees from Russia that Soviet Commissaries, almost to a man, are Jews."

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The failed Bolshevik Revolution of Germany:

Oscar Levy and George Pitt Rivers published same year 1920 as The Cause Of World Unrest, also paints a particularly vivid picture.

There is no doubt, however, that the Jews have a right to claim a very considerable influence in the movement of thought generally called “Modernism,” or in politics “Liberalism.” (cartoon from "Our Seditious Cartoon Book" by Arnold Leese)

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The Grand Orient of France is generally believed to be under Hebraic influence. On April 2, 1889, the Grand Orient issued a circular which contained these words:

“Masonry, which prepared the Revolution of 1789, has the duty to continue its work.”

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'Let us see what the Grand Orient says of religion: “The triumph of the Galilean,” says the President of the Grand Orient, Senator Delpech, on September 20, 1902, “has lasted twenty centuries. But now He dies in His turn.'

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"Those who have studied the movement find that the leading lights of Theosophy are usually members of the Co-Masonic lodges."

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See also:

"...that these ardent political spirits dream a political dream which is a modern development of the Messianic prophecies, and that they have also in their blood a traditional and racial hatred for the Christian nations... We see this hatred in the realm of Jewish thought..."

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"If these conclusions are well founded, a revolution is not the result of what we might call spontaneous social combustion but the result of design... We shall find if we look into it that practically every revolution is preceded by a period of bad trade and unemployment."

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"nearly all the Bolshevik leaders are Jews, a fact of tremendous significance. Here is a list which gives the pseudonyms, real names, and racial origin of 50 who either are actual governing powers in Soviet Russia, now or were responsible for establishment of the present regime:"

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Note the prominence and damaging legacy of Kollantai, who wasn't however a Jewess see: The Nationalization of Women in the USSR: A Communist Rape Orgy

"Everybody, friendly or unfriendly, who has come in contact with the Bolsheviks agrees that they are almost entirely Jews."

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"Lev Cherny divided these Jews into three main classes—
firstly, financial Jews, who dabbled in muddy international waters;
secondly, Zionists, whose aims are, of course, well known; and,
thirdly, the Bolsheviks, including the Jewish Bund."

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Newspaper Reports of early Bolshevism

"As regards the programme of these Bolshevist Jews, a very interesting document was published by the Gazette de Hollande at the end of March, 1919. It contained detailed instructions to Bolshevist agents abroad" aligning with The Protocols:

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It is important to reflect on what actually occurred and this is one of the best depictions of the tragedy and horror of that period in history, since only a century ago.

"The Turkish Revolution, it can be stated emphatically, was almost entirely work of a Masonic-Jewish conspiracy. The Young Turks, who consisted chiefly of Jews, Greeks, and Armenians... it was not until they came in contact with Continental Freemasonry that things began to move."

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Young Turk Jew Coup and Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

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"In a word, the Turkish State was held in a Judaeo-Masonic group which extended its power to the provinces by the creation of a network of lodges and clubs."

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'According to the Daily Express, Mustafa Kemal Pasha issued from Angora on July 8, 1920, a long proclamation addressed to the “Brothers of Islam and Communist Comrades.” He said... Islam, the ally of Communism...'

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"In 1910 came the turn of Portugal. Here, again, there is overwhelming evidence that the force at the back of the Revolution was Continental Freemasonry."

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"It is notorious, of course, that the Germans used Bolshevism as a means towards their own victory (witness Brest-Litovsk), though at the same time they were exceedingly uneasy at the consequences which its progress might have in their own country."

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"Bolsheviks make use of any weapon, even the nationalism which is their main obstacle. If a principle or a prejudice has possibilities they use it; when it has served its purpose they throw it aside. This dexterous inconsistency is one of the secrets of their power."

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"Bela Kun’s Jews, imported from Russia, carried out appalling atrocities during their tenure of power, and on his expulsion there were some sporadic massacres organized by infuriated Hungarian officers, whose womenfolk had been shamefully maltreated."

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ZOG "To describe the unofficial activities of the Jews in Paris would be to describe the work of the Conference. Mr. Wilson was surrounded by them; even M. Clemenceau had his watch-dogs; and as for the British, one has only to mention the names of Lord Reading and Mr. Montagu"

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"Common to both Washington and Moscow is the necessity of an international control of the world; to one it is the League of Nations, to the other it is the Third Internationale. The idea is the same though the instruments are different."

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"It is, then, a curious coincidence that, apart from their divergent views on the subject of capital, Washington and Moscow should have so much in common."

Cecil Rhodes, Round Table, Fabian Society, Chatham House, Schiff and Jew York Bankers, Rockefeller, Pilgrims...

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"Thus, in such vital matters as sea communications, coal and oil supply, Poland was severely handicapped from the very beginning. Why? A strong Poland is not a Jewish interest."

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"Now, a strong Poland is also not a German interest, and here the Jews and the Germans work hand in hand. Thus, the semi-official Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung of January 30, 1919, recognizes openly the solidarity of German and Jewish interests."

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WOW 1920 remember "At the present moment, Russia and Germany are joining hands over the threatened body of Poland. If Russia and Germany are able to overwhelm Poland, the Treaty of Versailles becomes a scrap of paper, and the war has been fought in vain."

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"It may seem amazing, but it is none the less a fact that a considerable number of Delegates believed the real influences behind the Anglo-Saxon peoples were Semitic. Henceforth the world will be governed by Anglo-Saxon peoples, who, in turn, are swayed by their Jewish elements."

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"The idea of a world conspiracy directed against law and order, and indeed against Christian civilization itself, would before the war have seemed absurd and impossible to the average Englishman."

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"Behind the scenes was a “ formidable sect” using the Germans for their own ends instead of being used by them, and when Germany fell and German money disappeared, the conspiracy still went on unimpeded."

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'On the other hand, the fundamental notion of the “formidable sect” is the destruction of Christianity and all religion except the Jewish... With this object in view the promoters of disorder, who have one of their most important headquarters in Switzerland'

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There is a really interestingly chapter on Ireland and who was pushing for Independence and why. Lots of quotes, really interesting but a bit too much to put here. Basically Bolsheviks saw it is England's Achilles Heel and went out their way to support it.

A chapter explaining the development of socialism in England and how it developed as ideological subversion is also very interesting.

'The problem of the international organizers of revolution consists of (1) how to destroy Britain’s industrial prosperity, and (2) how to break up the British Empire.'

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The quotes from leading Bolsheviks and Socialists published in the UK are fascinating, so many.

"Confirmation of the anti-Christian nature of the Jewish secret organizations described earlier in this book is found in an article in the Call of April 1, 1920."

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"Throughout this book we have referred to the menace which this conspiracy constitutes not only to civilized government but to the Christian faith. It is indeed clear that never in its history has that faith had to undergo so organized and sustained an attack."

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"Bakunin had been attacked in the Paris paper, Le Reveil, by a German Jew named Maurice Hess, and it was in reply to this that he wrote his polemique contre les juifs in October, 1869."

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