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📘Judaized Scots - Jacobite Jews And The Development Of Cabalistic Freemasonry

Very interesting paper to read indeed...

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Henry VIII "Architectural Vandalism"

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"he urged the Scots to undertake reforms w...

📘🐙The Octopus (1940) by Elizabeth Dilling

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    "Its aim, in which it largely succeeds, is national control, through coercion or inducements, of speakers, books, articles, sermons, radio preachers, renting of halls for public meetings—in brief, of American freedom of speech, press and assembly."

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"It reports...

H. Ryssen on The Jewish Question

"The following text is a summary of six books written by Hervé Ryssen,
published between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important
study on the Jewish mind ever published."

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"The word “paradox” reappears regularly in the writings of all Jewish intellectuals, all over the world, throughout all histo...

Jews Must Live (1934) by Samuel Roth

"There will always be some censorship" is the real problem because such policy isn't one of free speech and permits the continued subversion of the natural right to freedom of speech. Pornography and the like BTW isn't and never was "speech" see 🕎Roth.

📘The World Conquerors (1958) by Louis Marschalko

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    "The mentality of the English merchant-princes and the spiritual attitude of the Puritans likewise became identified with the principles of the Jewish Old Testament and in it found justification of a certain business conduct."

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"With the advent of Pro...