These are blog-posts mostly written about the books we host. TRIGGER WARNING The content we quote here is often-controversial so if you are easily offended by what you read, please do not continue further!

📘Apotheosis of the Jew - From Ghetto to Park Lane (1937) by Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

📘Twilight Over England (1940) by William Joyce


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"...for three years, I was Sir Oswald's Director of Propaganda. We had
some fine times in that movement-days which I shall never forget. What influence I had I used to promote a thoroughly anti-Jewish policy: and, in this respect I succeed...

📕🇨🇳🇬🇧🇺🇸🇯🇵China Looted! (1937)

by National Labour Press🌹

A few notes from the pamphlet.


John Foster Fraser, 1868-1936

Round The World On A Wheel

Being the narrative of a bicycle ride ... through seventeen countries and across three continents (1899)

A blog of notes and higlights about the remarkable adventure of three Englishmen cycling around the world in the earliest days of bicycle touring, using their single-speed 'safety' b...

Notes from The Kingdom of Shylock (1917) by Frank Anstey, M.P.

Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity?

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"Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity? Where is the one who in the hour of struggle does not forget all that is...