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Telemachus Thomas Timayenis

The American Jew: An Exposé of His Career (1888)

Notes and highlights from the book:

'We have been requested by many prominent men in literary, financial, and commercial circles, to establish a monthly publication, to be calle...

📘✡️Facts Are Facts - The Truth About Khazars (1954) by Benjamin H Freedman

"Facts are Man's best defense mechanism. Without them men fumble, falter and fail."

"Benjamin Harrison[1] Freedman (October 4, 1890 – May 1984)[2] was an...

Major Osman Bey (Frederick Millingen)

Conquest of the World by the Jews (1873)

Reveals that Masonic Jews controlled Western media more than 150 years ago.

Image 93 - 93_1144004619544223745.jpg

📰Edgefield advertiser (Edgefield, S.C.), January 11, 1854
A news report det...

Arnold Spencer Leese

Out Of Step - Events in the two lives of an anti-jewish camel-doctor (1956)

Highlights on notes from Arnold Leese's autobiography:

Did you know Arnold Leese was a skilled vet and recognised as a leading authority on the camel?

Notes from The Kingdom of Shylock (1917) by Frank Anstey, M.P.

Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity?

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"Where is the Englishman who does not love the land of his nativity? Where is the one who in the hour of struggle does not forget all that is...