These are blog-posts mostly written about the books we host. TRIGGER WARNING The content we quote here is often-controversial so if you are easily offended by what you read, please do not continue further!

Richard Werner Slides

Revisiting. A brilliant lecture, explains money, credit, banking, finance, economics, the real reasons behind banking crises, the issue of TBTF banks, community banking, central banking measures, how to avoid inflation, what really moves the economy, solutions etc.

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Mainstream, conventional economics in one sl...

Independent Thinking

"With no truth, there is no trust—which is earned, not given. With trust between people, there is faith they will try to live-up to their promises by honoring their commitments. Without truth, there is no trust nor faith in people."

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"For an individual man or woman to be free, the first thing they need to do is to...

📘The Modern Jew (1899) by Arnold White

"Students of English history are unable to place their finger upon a single instance where the practice of the right of asylum has hitherto proved anything but beneficial to the British Empire."

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"In Germany, Hungary, and Aus...

📘Twilight Over England (1940) by William Joyce


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"...for three years, I was Sir Oswald's Director of Propaganda. We had
some fine times in that movement-days which I shall never forget. What influence I had I used to promote a thoroughly anti-Jewish policy: and, in this respect I succeed...

📘Virus Mania

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"All the most important newspapers and magazine have displayed
attractive computerized, colorful images of HIV that all originate from laboratory cell cultures, but never from even a single AIDS patient."

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The Monkey Holocaust