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📘Deadlier Than the H-Bomb (1956) by Leonard Young

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    "... the general level of the spiritual, mental and physical health of the population is rapidly degenerating. That is why it has now become customary for us to accept with complete apathy or docility..."

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"For, although the individual Jew is t...

Jewish Dental Fillings

"In 1833 ✡️Englishmen, Edward Crawcour and his nephew Moses Crawcour brought amalgam to the United States, and in 1844 it was reported that fifty percent of all dental restorations placed in upstate New York consisted of Amalgam*

"all Crawcour's worldwide are related via one main progenitor Samuel Crawcour b1748 d 1816...

Jews Must Live (1934) by Samuel Roth

"There will always be some censorship" is the real problem because such policy isn't one of free speech and permits the continued subversion of the natural right to freedom of speech. Pornography and the like BTW isn't and never was "speech" see ğŸ•ŽRoth.

📘The World Conquerors (1958) by Louis Marschalko

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    "The mentality of the English merchant-princes and the spiritual attitude of the Puritans likewise became identified with the principles of the Jewish Old Testament and in it found justification of a certain business conduct."

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"With the advent of Pro...

📕The Police State Road Map (2004) by Michael Nield

Mostly excellent and wide research, very prescient of the situation the world is in today, and where it's heading.

"Media brainwashing; water fluoridation; vaccination; gender altering foods andchemica...