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📘🐙The Octopus (1940) by Elizabeth Dilling

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    "Its aim, in which it largely succeeds, is national control, through coercion or inducements, of speakers, books, articles, sermons, radio preachers, renting of halls for public meetings—in brief, of American freedom of speech, press and assembly."

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"It reports...

H. Ryssen on The Jewish Question

"The following text is a summary of six books written by Hervé Ryssen,
published between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important
study on the Jewish mind ever published."

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"The word “paradox” reappears regularly in the writings of all Jewish intellectuals, all over the world, throughout all histo...

📘The Conquering Jew (1915) by Sir John Foster Fraser, 1868-1936

📘The Conquering Jew (1915) by Sir John Foster Fraser
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"...these pages are not written from a pro- Semite or anti-Semite point of view... In a vague way, like everybody else, I was conscious that the Jew was “ getting...

Jewish Nose Job

"As Jews assimilated into the American mainstream in the 1950s and ’60s, nose jobs became a rite of passage for Jewish teens who wanted a more Aryan look... Among those seeking surgery were many American Jewish film actresses of the 1920s to 1950s."

Bolshevik Gravediggers of Russia

"nearly all the Bolshevik leaders are Jews, a fact of tremendous significance. Here is a list... pseudonyms, real names, racial origin of 50 ... governing powers in Soviet Russia, now or were responsible for establishment of the present regime:"