📘Judaized Scots - Jacobite Jews And The Development Of Cabalistic Freemasonry

Very interesting paper to read indeed...

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Henry VIII "Architectural Vandalism"

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"he urged the Scots to undertake reforms within the Catholic church and to remain faithful to their Hebraic heritage, which the Protestant dissidents threatened to corrupt. Comparing the Queen Mother to the great Jewish heroines Esther and Judith"

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"Hume Brown notes that, except for the Netherlands, Scotland had more primary and secondary schools than any other country in Europe, and that
education was placed within the reach of all classes. Moreover, Hebrew was currently spoken and read in these schools..."

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"in 1560, the Protestant-dominated Parliament abolished the jurisdiction of the Pope and banned the Catholic mass.... the greater number of masons and artisans remained Catholic."

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Scaliger reference (re newearth and the now widely-accepted Western historical timeline alleged to be a fabrication by Fomenko)

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