📘🕎Jewish International Conference On Suppression Of Traffic In Girls And Women (1910) by Jewish Association For The Protection Of Girls And Women

"Buenos Ayres report. At the end of 1909 there were in that city 199 Licensed Brothels, and of these, 102 or over fifty per cent.. were kept by Jewesses."

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"investigations of certain French authorities, had revealed that in the parts covered by their enquiries 75 per cent of the merchants of human beings were Israelites"

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Girls trafficked via England to South America, nearly all "Romanians and Russians" jailed for sex offences according to Scotland Yard stats were actually jews and jewesses.

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"... he then told me this man was a Jewish trafficker in white slaves,
and that he was constantly travelling from place to place to Russia, where he kept at consignment, and so on."

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"the evil has also a special Jewish side, and that is the reason for having denominational Societies. Frequently the girls can only he rescued by special Jewish means,"

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"We have had, coming into the port of New York, 1,600 Jewish girls in one month, between the ages of twelve and twenty-live, and you can therefore see what at problem we haw had to deal with."

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Same Zangwill who wrote The Melting Pot...

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Blaming Russia is the oldest hate.

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