Henry Ford never apologized

"Gerald Lyman Kenneth Smith (February 27, 1898 – April 15, 1976) was an American clergyman, politician and organizer known for his populist and far-right demagoguery."

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_L._K._Smith

    "Smith read Henry Ford's book The International Jew, which became one of his favorites; Smith sold many copies of this book, which he reprinted."
    Someone who was a friend of Ernst Zündel's lawyer Doug Christie recently passed onto me the introduction to the above, inherited from his father. It's of particular interest to the story about Henry Ford's 'apology'.
    The International Jew (Gerald L. K. Smith) cover and contents.

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"At the apex of his business career Henry Ford, the in‐ dustrial genius, sensed.that a terrific effort was being made to take his business from him and manipulate it into the hands of the money-changers."

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"When Mr. Ford told me that he had not signed the apology, it seemed almost unbelievable."

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"Mr. Ford told me in the presence of Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Smith and Mr. Ernest Liebold (his secretary for 84 years) that he hoped to republish it and that he did not sign the apology."

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"...Mr. Ford in his expressed conviction that all America and the world needs is to know is the truth ‘and the truth shall set us free.’"

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