An occult breakdown of Close Encounters of the Third Kind

A whimsical look at some of the hidden messages within the blockbuster movie, many of which are masonic. This was originally published as a twitter thread in 2018, hashtags have been converted to web searches. There's a lot more meaning but it should be a guide as to what to look for when viewing the movie afresh.

Since I was a kid I wanted to watch "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" by Steven Spielberg. Start the movie and first thing that comes up?

33 (x2 = 66)

The numbers 3, 33 and 11s are associated with
#cabala #freemasonry

Note the black on white/white on black for the numbers - inversion and opposites. 3 propellers.

When the little boy's record player starts playing. Lyrics begin "... of the shape of a square if you really want..." SQUARING THE CIRCLE #mysteryschools

Image 5 - 5_1079034453496868864.jpg

Next scene of course his mother picks up a car with the number 47 on it.
(4 + 7 = 11)

3 x 11 = 33

Image 4 - 4_1079036002990280704.jpg

This is turning into a joke now. Next scene father asks his son "What's 1/3 of 60?"
Toy train has 123 on it. (1+2+3 = 6)

Image 6 - 6_1079037680854409221.jpg
Image 7 - 7_1079037680854409221.jpg

Why scripted next that boy runs \and climbs into box \and starts loudly smashing-up a doll, tearing-off each limb for a minute, whilst the rest of the people there take little notice? Angry father "You are close to DEAF (DEATH pun)!" as doll head falls-off. Ritual child sacrifice?

Image 8 - 8_1079041446680899586.jpg
Image 9 - 9_1079041446680899586.jpg

Note items on the wall behind boy. 3 white objects (hard to make-out what). Also the square/compass-style stylised decoration right-of-it.

Next scene... the chutzpah! Definitely some kind of running-joke going on here.
(24: 2 + 4 = 6)

Image 4 - 4_1079043339511582720.jpg

...and of-course the letterbox would be numbered 201 (2 + 1 = 3)

Image 4 - 4_1079045490895929344.jpg

... and yes of course an event would have to happen on a "liminal zone"
#liminality #crossroads #satanism #witchcraft

Image 6 - 6_1079046407020052480.jpg

... and the man in pick-up holds a torch and then we see 9/11 on his radio. (Ianna/Ishstar/Apollo/Hermes/Mercury "Lady Liberty" reference - predictive programming?)

Image 5 - 5_1079048345417666566.jpg
Image 6 - 6_1079048345417666566.jpg

Of course it's 3 miles! 😀

Image 4 - 4_1079050042764349440.jpg

3 United Nations (UN) trucks and 2 helicopters in desert.
4 flags on 3 trucks (pharaoh/pyramid-triangle, square/compass reference - see Sean Hross stuff)

#nwo #thirtytwo #pharaoh

Image 7 - 7_1079054480442830848.jpg

COTOPAXI (Bermuda Triangle)

And the kid has 32 on his shirt...
#thirtytwo #freemasonry #magic

Image 3 - 3_1079059661037420544.jpg

A lot going-on here. Red/White (re Sean Hross Swiss/Pharaoh-ocracy - Old World/New World Order) triangles, creepy picture hanging, the book, 32, upside-down-doll (The Hanged Man), pentagrams on toy.


Image 2 - 2_1079061747615612928.jpg
Image 3 - 3_1079061747615612928.jpg

Red Triangle/White Triangle, Opposition, As-Above/So-Below

Nice choice of wallpaper Mr Spielberg! Star of Ianna/Ishtar/Isis

#isis #ianna #ishtar

Leaving this to your imagination. Multiple things.

Image 6 - 6_1079070975940005890.jpg
Image 7 - 7_1079070975940005890.jpg

More triangle and Zoltan Kodaly (author of 333 reading exercises: )
#freemasonry #three #cabala #magic

Red-white-blue. Old World Order (France), New World Order (USA) and in the middle black/white \and triangle (side-of-pyramid) unifies. The red/white theme continues with old people.

Image 5 - 5_1079075506774048768.jpg
Image 6 - 6_1079075506774048768.jpg
Image 7 - 7_1079075506774048768.jpg

The man had his face burnt - half-red, half-white. (According to researcher Sean Hross into Templars and Swiss-based Pharaoh-ocracy, those two colours (and with blue) a reference Old World Order - New World Order.)

Image 8 - 8_1079077004413153280.jpg

Dialogue. Man says: "Ever since yesterday I've been seeing this shape. I know what this is! It means something...IMPORTANT!"
#illuminati #triangle #magic #cabala #freemasonry #pyramid

Image 6 - 6_1079078057552633856.jpg

Everyone looks at the lights to the left, whilst on the right a brighter-light 'Saturn' (Lucifer "The Light Bearer"/Satan) appears. Cut to the next scene and the woman does a "mocking Christ" pose.

#saturn #satan

Image 5 - 5_1079082033538830336.jpg
Image 6 - 6_1079082033538830336.jpg

Red/white theme...."We just received two fifteen-minute broadcasts..." (15+15: 30 - 3 or 1+5: 6 * 2 = 66) then they go to the "GOLDSTONE Radio Telescope" with 333 on the truck to the left and with triangle/pyramid.

Image 7 - 7_1079085210531176448.jpg
Image 8 - 8_1079085210531176448.jpg

Did anyone figure out the numbers? (Also red/white theme continues with shirt/tie of some of the people there) See Google Earth.
104 44 30 40 36 10

Image 9 - 9_1079090648064688128.jpg
Image 10 - 10_1079090648064688128.jpg
Image 11 - 11_1079090648064688128.jpg
Image 12 - 12_1079090648064688128.jpg

Red/white theme again. Blood/purity significance?

Image 13 - 13_1079096417979957248.jpg
Image 14 - 14_1079096417979957248.jpg

Of course the kid is 3 years old and the man is going to draw a triangle/pyramid on the newspaper.

#triangle #pyramid

Image 6 - 6_1079098206439514113.jpg

Shadow like a cross, arms-spread, like another "mock the Christ" pose.

Ongoing red/white theme, black/white pyramid/triangle.

#templars #red #white #swiss #pharaoh

Image 8 - 8_1079101621404086273.jpg
Image 9 - 9_1079101621404086273.jpg

Of course it's "Devil's Tower" on the map and the dialogue follows the man saying:
"What I need is something so scary it will clear 300 square miles of EVERY LIVING CHRISTIAN SOUL."


Image 5 - 5_1079102841216749568.jpg
Image 6 - 6_1079102841216749568.jpg

Candles (11) propped-up like mythical unicorn/devil-horns. An upside-cross shadow above his head. Red/white theme continues.

#illuminati #red
Image 8 - 8_1079104210745073667.jpg

A lot of ORANGE going-on in the bedroom here.

Man in his fit of madness gets his freemason bricks! Triangle-like wooden thing (compass).

Image 3 - 3_1079112517488701441.jpg

Of course the man's family lives at a house numbered 1613 with two white pillars (BOAZ \and JACIN). 1 + 6 + 1 + 3 = 11

#pillars #boaz #jachin

Image 7 - 7_1079114302961930241.jpg

Hand-signs and also 'DEVIL' on TV as well as As-Above, So-Below

Image 4 - 4_1079118237604999168.jpg
Image 5 - 5_1079118237604999168.jpg
Image 6 - 6_1079118237604999168.jpg
Image 7 - 7_1079118237604999168.jpg

Of course Spielberg wants you to think about GAS and a dog in a GAS MASK. Priced at $45 (4+5 = 9) and loading their luggage desperately onto an overloaded train in the same scene.

Image 4 - 4_1079119956615274496.jpg
Image 5 - 5_1079119956615274496.jpg

The license plate. 44 for your elevens again. 6 + 3 + 9 (18 : 9) or your upside down 639, as above, so below, however you want to chop-it up. "Wyoming 1975" on plate is 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 22


Image 6 - 6_1079122530965827585.jpg

Of course they need to show us mutilated/dead cattle to prep our minds for the later UFO psy-op stories which reported this since the 1980s. They of had to slow down to show us that "the lamb is dead".

Image 7 - 7_1079125156113666054.jpg
Image 8 - 8_1079125156113666054.jpg
Image 9 - 9_1079125156113666054.jpg
Image 10 - 10_1079125156113666054.jpg

Interrogation carried out a black room (black cube) with even the mug black and white. Their shirts are white with black-ties. Black/white authority symbol of freemasonic power/control. Man's coded hand sign, like Angela Merkel.


Image 3 - 3_1079127852522590211.jpg

The people dressed in black \and white must answer to higher authority. They "brought in 12 people into the evacuation camp" that's for the number 3.

"These are a small group of people who have shared a vision in common."
#freemasonry #three #cabala #magic

Image 4 - 4_1079129158154891269.jpg

Soldier talks about GASSING the area.
"They'll go to sleep for SIX hours and wake-up with a hell of a headache."

Image 3 - 3_1079130585044606976.jpg

Of course 3 people went through all their trials to see 3 alien ships at a mountain that was bright (white-ish) in the daytime and darkest black at night.

Image 4 - 4_1079135689504145409.jpg
Image 5 - 5_1079135689504145409.jpg
Image 6 - 6_1079135689504145409.jpg

Underside of that alien ship is like The Cult Of The Black Sun

"Black Sun The Occult Power within All That Is" By Peter Wilberg (2004)

Image 2 - 2_1079142431222845442.jpg

Man behind mutters: "If everything's ready, you're on the dark-side of the moon."


Image 5 - 5_1079143374173675521.jpg

Dialogue: "Einstein WAS right." says one man to the other.
"He was probably ONE OF THEM." replies the other.

Image 6 - 6_1079145276592533504.jpg

This takes the biscuit now!

Image 7 - 7_1079148772750487552.jpg


"Sieg Heil!"

Image 8 - 8_1079151532116008960.jpg
Image 9 - 9_1079151532116008960.jpg


"The tall alien was not meant to resemble a spider, but was referred to by the production team as the "JESUS ALIEN" because of its arms-out gesture." (IMDB)

Image 10 - 10_1079231450539614209.jpg
Image 11 - 11_1079231450539614209.jpg
Image 12 - 12_1079231450539614209.jpg


Image 13 - 13_1079422332526039040.jpg

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