📘Apotheosis of the Jew - From Ghetto to Park Lane (1937) by Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

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    "And the entire tragedy of the Jew—a tragedy no less sad because of its insufferable effects on the rest of mankind—is due to his devastating sense of inferiority, his subconscious awareness that he is always, and under all circumstances..."

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"Unfortunately his migration to more temperate zones, and the consequent approximation of his skin to the color of white, has led to his finding himself both at home and not at home among races with a poise, a simplicity and a tradition of dash and daring, of love and

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"Now is the Jew arrived at the stage of his greatest menace to civilization, though still the stage of his apotheosis has not beenreached. Education in the social graces has made of him to all outward appearances, except facially, a typical English gentleman..."

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"It is now that the Jew stands on the verge of world domination. Accepted by society in its decadence he is able to move among highly placed people \& pull political strings for the international financiers; in return he can conspire with his fellow racials all over the world..."

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"various international movements have now combined to produce the most blatant of all the Internationales—of sheer vulgarity. This debasement of culture to the lowest levels gives him a tremendous advantage, since in ... vulgarity the Jew is the world's master Esperantist."

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"At last the day of the Jew has come—the day of his apotheosis. His conscious mind no longer registers any difference between his own way of thinking and the traditions of the country in which he has found his feet."

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"in the full flood of his hysteria there is nothing he will not do to make it true, screeching his fears over all the world, inciting nations to war on his behalf, and most desperately doing his utmost to perpetuate the confusion which has made his triumph possible."

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"So conspicuous has he become that men everywhere are beginning to think about him, to study... as far as possible to watch what he does... to fasten upon him his full share of the responsibility for the whole capitalist racket and the attempted destruction of great peoples."

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